MIE - ‘Origin Of You’ - Mindy Meng Wang & Sui Zhen
MIE - ‘Origin Of You’ - Mindy Meng Wang & Sui Zhen

MIE - ‘Origin Of You’ - Mindy Meng Wang & Sui Zhen

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'Origin of You' is a startling new collaboration between Chinese-Australian composers Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 and Becky Sui Zhen, forming spontaneously one wintry afternoon in Melbourne and enduring with bonds that will last longer than a lifetime. 

The debut release from these two auspicious artists revolves around three images that form the basis of their musical exploration: 空 (Kōng), Emptiness; 疼 (Téng), Pain; and 气 (Chi), Energy. 

It is from within these motifs that the central themes of this startling collaboration emerge. As described by Mindy Meng Wang: 

“This is an album about two artists who got together and formed a sisterhood. It’s about understanding life, family and ourselves. It’s about transforming from being a woman into a mother. And it’s about human connection. We are not related, but we find a connection that comforts us as much as family does.” 

'Origin of You' is out everywhere Friday, November 10, 2023 via Music in Exile.

  1. | Kōng | Emptiness 
  2. 疼 | Téng | Pain
  3. 气 | Chi | Energy
  4. March 
  5. I Don’t Speak Your Language
  6. Watch My Mum Dance