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From fibre art to paintings depicting traditional stories—internationally renowned Bula’Bula Arts supports 150 artist members from Ramingining and its surrounding outstations. Artists receive 50-60% of the retail sales price of the artwork, with the remainder used for all operational costs. Our arts centre is an iconic tropical elevation style building in the heart of the Ramingining community in Central Arnhem Land, 400 kilometres east of Darwin.

Local artists coined the name Bula’Bula meaning the voice/tongue of Gandayala (red kangaroo) Ramingining’s Creation Being. The name represents the message in the song cycle of the red kangaroo’s journey from the Roper River to the Ramingining region. The story is depicted in unique Ramingining-style—steeped in spiritual, ritual and historical narratives across a variety of mediums: print, painting, sculpture, fibre art, song, dance, as well as film and literature mediums.

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  • Warrnyu Dhawu (Flying Fox Story) Tote Bags
    Warrnyu Dhawu (Flying Fox Story) Tote Bags
    Bula'Bula Arts
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