Pastor Albrecht visits Hembrey Station - Tote Bag

Pastor Albrecht visits Hembrey Station - Tote Bag

Hermannsburg Potters
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Cotton Tote Bag, artwork reproduction from ceramic art work by Judith Inkamala.

Size - 45 x 28 x 11 cm.

Digitally printed Tote Bag from Hermannsburg Potters. The Hermannsburg Potters are a dedicated group of Western Arrarnta artists creating vibrant handmade ceramic pots that encompass collective and individually lived histories in their distinct Country.

The Hermannsburg artists continue a 30-year legacy, sculpting and painting their visual histories and contemporary settings, speaking to their cultural beliefs, traditions and values.

Each artist works with a high level of skill in both hand-building pottery and watercolour-style landscape painting. These dynamic skills allow the artworks to evolve into individual depictions of the artist’s love for the local wildlife, memories of Country, community and traditions, as well as elements of contemporary life.

The pottery continues today with four long standing, founding members who are currently mentoring more than 12 emerging artists to continue their work at the Art Centre. The Hermannsburg Potters support the local artists and their families, fostering the growing local economy of Hermannsburg.

Thanks to Agency Projects for connecting Hermannsburg Potters with The Social Studio and its wider community.