Janette Murrungun Trivet / 80-21

Janette Murrungun Trivet / 80-21

Numbulwar Numburindi Arts
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Numbulwar Numburindi Arts weavers use a combination of locally harvested pandanus and retrieved ghost net in their fibre art. The ghost net is abandoned fishing lines that wash up on the shores of Numbulwar, having travelled thousands of kilometres with the currents and endangering vulnerable sea life. Ghost nets take 600 years to break down, shedding microplastics the entire time. They make up approximately 30-50% of all ocean plastic, posing a massive environmental problem. The weavers at Numbulwar are resolving the issue locally as a modern act of caring for Country and saving sea life. 

The pandanus used in weaving is harvested nearby Numbulwar and dyed naturally using roots, flowers, barks and more. 

Even though NNA is a young art centre, Numbulwar's weavers are highly experienced, having been weaving for many decades. Most learnt weaving from their grandmothers and mothers at a young age. The colours used often reflect clan identities, although ghost net colourings are viewed as colours for everyone.


22cm diameter

Made in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory