Botanical Print Crew Socks
Botanical Print Crew Socks

Botanical Print Crew Socks

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One of a kind, botanical infused cotton crew socks hand dyed with home grown and sustainably gathered Australian plants. A versatile everyday accessory to add a pop of colour and nature to your wardrobe. Wear it with scrunched at the ankle with sneakers, pulled up and showing at the top of boots or just to keep toes warm while lounging at home.

Dyed with:
Confetti - homegrown marigold, sulphur cosmos, coreopsis, rose leaves, madder root, cochineal
Bursts of confetti-like speckles in vibrant rainbow colours - reds, yellows, purples, oranges & pinks, studded with sweet petal, flower & leaf prints.

Mixed foliage - mix of reclaimed foliage including raspberry, smokebush, liquidambar, Japanese maple & eucalyptus leaves.
Moody greys with olive, brown and yellow accents. Varied leaf prints intertwined with star-like maple leaf shapes and intricate leaf vein details.

100% cotton knit, slim-fit and seamless, with a fitted ribbed knit cuff ending around lower calf.
Approx. 35cm when flat (cuff to toe), ladies AU size 2 - 8.

Only non-toxic metal salts and natural pigments are used in my dyeing process, so the end product is not only kinder to the environment compared to conventional dyeing methods, but also safer and gentler on your skin. Each leaf and petal I use is also sourced conscientiously - I grow what I can in my are either grown in my home garden, gather mindfully in Sydney suburbs or collect kitchen and floral waste from local businesses.

Each item is handmade and one of a kind, so your socks will be entirely unique and may different from the ones pictured. Variations in colour and details are all part of what makes your item special and should be embraced.