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IMAJI Studio started with a cup of coffee and a daydream. The aim was to stand out from the crowd by creating a marriage of culture, art, and nature. Our source of inspirations comes from things we encounter every day. Embodying the philosophy of wabi-sabi, beauty in imperfect manmade objects, IMAJI Studio revolves around the humans and the hearts surrounding it.

We work alongside fabric and dye artisans across Indonesia to produce unique motifs from plants sourced locally in the area. It is a mutual understanding of how human and nature can co-exist not only ethically but also in harmony. Each motif is handmade by craftsmen and the designers to preserve Indonesian culture and use the best out of its natural resources.

We are an ecosystem of designers, makers, creators, artisans, weavers, workers, and collaborators that believe in one aim to create a positive impact to the world we are in by utilising the things we are given with. IMAJI Studio is first and foremost a fabric studio, constantly evolving with those who grow with us, we cannot be defined into a category, we are a dance of passion. Personality is engrained to our products as so they are not bound to time.

The Founders:

Graduated from Edith Cowan University, Perth, with Master of Media and Cultural Studies, Shari Semesta has been known for her knack in traditional Javanese performing arts and culture. A traditional Javanese dancer herself, she incorporate cultural values and practicality in IMAJI Studio’s events, campaigns, and collections.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Binus University, Jakarta, Lyris Alvina is the creative director of IMAJI Studio. Usually shy and quiet at first, her works often speak for themselves. Her interest on product design and knowledge on popular alternative media has contributed greatly on modernising IMAJI Studio’s looks.

Leo Pradana also graduated from Edith Cowan University with Master of Human Resources and is Shari’s husband. He joined in 2018 and produced IMAJI Studio’s first men’s collection. His love of Japanese popular culture and street style has been the main influence on how he creates basic silhouettes and versatile motifs that everyone has grown to love. He is also the man behind the process, the producing, the calculating, and the management of workers behind IMAJI Studio.

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